There are some parents who like the idea of giving their baby a name that is indicative of a place such as a town, a city, some type of body of water or a natural place. The following selection of names provides examples of these types of names. The names may have a meaning or mean exactly what the name says. Some of the names begin as last names Read More

Special care for special needs

Portrait of serious clinician in eyeglasses examining youthful patient with stethoscope

First, rather than being aghast at the revelation that your adorable child has been diagnosed with autism, thank your stars that he or she has been born in a time where there’s awareness about it. Once it’s diagnosed, expert help is available to children as well as their parents, to help understand the needs of their special kids. This article focuses on explanation of some autistic attributes and intervention for improvement Read More

Sippin vegetables for good health

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.

Fruits and raw vegetables are essential for a healthy diet. While you may give your kids an apple along with their tiffin and buy exotic seasonal fruits for them, how easy it is for you to ensure they eat raw veggies too? So how about blending them into juices for their sippers? Vegetable juices offer loads of benefits, after all Read More

Three Tips for Early Pregnancy Success

trying-to-conceiveA large part of the difficulty of pregnancy is adjusting to lifestyle changes at the same time that you are adjusting to pregnancy changes. If you are thinking of getting pregnant, you can make some changes now that will spare yourself some of the misery later, when your body is already dealing with the hormonal and physical challenges that come with pregnancy Read More